Please download a copy of my publication "Trame di un attuale passato" ("Stories of a recent past"). It is in Italian, but my paintings do not need any translation (...and "for everything else", there's Google Translate :-) 

Presentation video of the 2018 Exhibition "Arte in Studio (Art at a Law Firm)", Studio Legale CMI e Associati, Bologna, Italy (in Italian, please allow automatic English subtitles from the video settings).


Action painting during the 2018 Exhibition "Arte in Studio (Art at a Law Firm)". It is in Italian, but it gives you an idea of what my action painting happenings are about. The picture of the resulting painting is here


At the Saturarte 2018 Art Award ceremony (with Mario Napoli, president of the Satura Gallery and Federica Cavalleri, representative of the Genova city council).


At the "R-Evolution" EneganArt exhibition (Florence, Oct 12-20, 2019) with my painting called "revolution at the fish market".  Really happy to be one of the 24 artists selected out of 1600 participants. Thanks for the great organization!