Andrea De Luca (1964, Bologna, Italy) is a painter and a sculptor, also known for being the founder and leader of the rock band “Radio City”, a prominent member of the Italian indie community during the ‘80s.

As a child he developed his painting skills under the guidance of the renewed Italian painter Tonino Gottarelli - his relative and mentor - who taught him how to create shapes and figures out of an apparent chaos. He was later influenced by Enotrio Pugliese, whose paintings feature southern Italian landscapes full of roofs, still trains and light poles endlessly waiting for something to happen. His love for Art Nouveau and Italian Liberty has stimulated his curiosity for mixed-media techniques (collage in particular) that he very much uses throughout his works.

Andrea De Luca has a degree in Philosophy and a day job as a teacher in a high school. He likes to remember that his students are often one of his sources of inspiration when starting a new work. 

In 2015 he won the first prize in the painting section of the International Biennial of Art in Rome (Romart).